Is there a camper van out there which sleeps two people, can carry four, load two bikes, and find space for a full kitchen and wet room? If you’d have asked us that question not so long ago the answer would’ve been a resounding, “No way!”

But Slovenian company Adria has managed to do just that, while creating a sleek, modern and airy interior that lets you keep your bikes indoors at night where it’s safe.

While the Adria Twin Supreme 640 SGX may look almost like a typical motorhome from the outside, on the inside it is in fact perfectly suited to the needs of adventure-lovers. This is because Adria teamed up with motorcycle manufacturer KTM to create a camper van that was tailored to the needs of not just bikers but a whole host of outdoor-lovers and their gear. With everything from an easy-to-clean diamond plated floor to an adjustable height bed, this is surely a partnership made in heaven.


The 640 SGX’s bed can be adjusted to create a cargo area underneath.


To begin with, Adria has taken a brand new, fresh off the line 2019 Fiat Ducato with a 2.3L 130bhp engine, with available engine options up to 180bhp. It comes in a choice of five different exterior colors, and with the options of adding an electrical power sliding door and pre-installation for a rear-view camera.

Unusually the camper van is entered through the rear, not the side, and this immediately gives way to a spacious gangway and an undeniably light and airy feel created by LED lighting. The overall look is somewhat industrial with a corrugated metal diamond plate floor and tie-downs for gear, accompanied by an onyx and gloss color scheme, but somehow the overall effect is not cold and unwelcoming.

Slim cabinets running along either side of the van do not offer much depth of storage, but with their added length occupying half of the sliding door space they more than make up for it.

But the 640 SGX’s stand out design feature by far is the adjustable bed, which can be stored against the roof during the daytime, lowered to the height of the cabinets to create a standard height bed, or cleverly can be adjusted to the exact height that sits above a pair of motorcycles, meaning you’ll never have to worry about leaving your bikes outside at night. This clever integration of both cargo and bed space could be used to cater to the tastes of almost any outdoor-lover too, whether you’re a surfer, wakeboarder, skier or climber, the van’s clever and modular design has got you covered.

Unlike other vans, the 640 SGX’s cargo area does not disappear when the bed is in place.


Although the bed is mightily impressive, Adria seems more intent on advertising their so-called Sky-lounge, created by a dual skylight “sky-roof” to allow plenty of light into the cab and down onto the lounge area. This is created by a dual bench seat and two swivel seats huddled around a clever expandable table with integrated cupholders, which can even be taken and used outdoors. The panoramic window really brings the outside in and opens up the entire cab area, and below it, you’ll find some handy overhead storage cabinets too.


An air of light and space are created by the van’s sky-roof.


Between the sky-lounge and the rear garage/bed resembles something of a fairly normal camper van.

There’s a glossy compact kitchen unit complete with sink, dual burner stove and a disproportionally tall 90L compressor fridge. The sink is fed by the same 100L fresh water tank as the wet room, which contains a toilet, shower and sink, draining into a 70L waste water tank. But the clever modular design elements don’t stop there, as a “Duplex” swivel wall has been integrated into the wet room to divide the toilet and shower areas. In reality, this wall simply serves to create a larger shower room by swiveling the sink counter over the toilet, so the toilet and shower cannot be used at the same time, but it’s still a neat space-saving feature.


The van’s sleek gloss-white kitchen features more modular design.


As if all of this wasn’t enough, Adria has found space to integrate a Webasto heating system, 100Ah auxiliary batteries, ac, solar charging, a luggage roof rack, and the optional extras of an awning with LED light and pre-installation for a TV in the lounge.

Surprisingly with all of this added design and tailored innovation, the Adria Twin Supreme 640 SGX doesn’t cost as much as some more basic models in the UK. All in you’ll be looking at $64,500  (£48,500), minus the optional extras, which for an all-in-one adventure machine, particularly for bikers who want that extra bit of security and comfort, is a steal.

Source: Adria