Go big or go green; Ohio-based Advanced RV has taken the theme of “going green” quite literally in their new camper van, which they have named the Baja. The van was built in response to requests for a more pared down, ecological motorhome, which they answered with an 800 Ah off-grid battery system and a flourish of green paint. While this van might not exactly scream “back to basics” it certainly offers a modern twist on more traditional RV design.

Advanced RV Baja Mercedes Sprinter green van conversion
The base for the Baja: a 2019 German-imported Mercedes Sprinter.

Advanced RV’s base van is a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter, the last German-imported Sprinter before American production began. It carries a 3.0L 6 cylinder turbodiesel engine under the hood, a 7 speed automatic gearbox, and boasts just 56 miles on the clock.

The camper was built onto a Loaded 2019 Mercedes Sprinter chassis, featuring VB air suspension, Alcoa wheels and a second alternator to charge those enormous batteries. While the exterior is painted a rather modest iridium silver, the inside is a palette of bold turquoises and greens which carry right through to the van’s dashboard controls and infotainment system.

Advanced RV Baja Mercedes Sprinter green van conversion
The custom green infotainment system adds a quirky twist.

Advanced RV set out to create a fresh take on a motorhome, and that’s exactly what they’ve done, splashing color across each of the walls, curtains and cupboards while also building in some unique tech.

At the rear of the van is a black leatherette electric sofa which folds into a bed, allowing a multitude of different layouts to enjoy the built-in 24” Vizio Smart TV with Apple TV, and matching green flush-mounted ceiling speakers to complete the entertainment area.

Advanced RV Baja Mercedes Sprinter green van conversion
The cosy rear lounge doubles as a bedroom with entertainment system.

The large kitchen consists of an extra long stainless-topped counter with an extension that doubles as a table top for diners, and features a microwave and 193L fridge/freezer but strangely no cooker; however you can always bring your own portable stove.

Advanced RV Baja Mercedes Sprinter green van conversion
An overhead look at the large, functional kitchen.

The wet room houses a domestic-style sink, a shower and a toilet, fed by a 151L fresh water tank and collected in 102L grey water and 68L black water tanks. There’s also on demand hot water, a diesel heater, a quiet A/C and even heated flooring- luxury.

Advanced RV Baja Mercedes Sprinter green van conversion
The compact wet room and toilet sits in the middle of the van.

To monitor all of the water and power levels there’s a Silverlead integrated touchscreen control, as well as plenty of other handy safety features like keypad entry, a shore power alarm, a Compustar security system with drone, and multicolor LED lighting and multiplex lighting switches just for fun. The driver’s side skirt outside the van holds an integrated electric hook up port and a water inlet for easy refilling.

Advanced RV Baja Mercedes Sprinter green van conversion
Going green may not be to everyone’s taste, but the Baja has some excellent features.

So what’s not to love about the Baja? Well, the price might just put you off at $328,013, pushing it into the price range of overlanding expedition vehicles and Class A+ RVs. Ouch.

Advanced RV seem to have accepted that their van may not be sellable at this price, and if this is the case they have stated they’ll be adding the Baja to their fleet of rental vehicles for a still eye-watering price of $390- a day. Despite it being a really nicely fitted out van conversion with a fresh modern twist on layout and design, it just doesn’t pack enough features to warrant such a high price tag, but it certainly offers a unique set of ideas to the van building community.

Source and image credits: Advanced RV