Can we all agree that the world would be a better place if someone figured out how to bottle campfire light? The flickering, crackling warmth of campfire sticks in your head all year long. But, if you’re entertaining guests, kids, or just need a little more light, there’s been no magic dial to brighten up the situation — and keep the charming campsite aesthetic — until now.

Stop trying to rest your flashlight on a rock, your cell phone battery isn’t powerful enough to keep the flashlight app on, and let’s be honest, the new camp lanterns don’t hold a candle to the old kerosene ones. Have no fear, the new Luminoodle Basecamp by Power Practical is here to solve your camper van lighting woes.

 Power Practical Lighting

The Luminoodle Basecamp is 20’ long, waterproof, string style lighting system that puts off 1,000 lumens in a mood-setting display. Designed to string over your campsite, around your camper van, or even as external lighting around your home, the Luminoodle Basecamp is ultra-bright and easy to mount anywhere.

With 15 color options, three white modes, and ten dimmer settings, the Luminoodle Basecamp provides over 500 different customizable lighting options for your specific needs or setting. Simply dial in your desired lighting recipe on the light’s 3-button controller or the wireless RF remote to keep the mood right or the light bright throughout the night.

The Luminoodle Basecamp can be powered directly by your home or vehicle using the 12V wall or car adapter, but if you prefer off-the-grid use, the lighting system can be coupled with Power Practical’s 12V Battery Pack.

12v string lights for camper van

For the campsite chef, the Luminoodle Basecamp makes food prep, cooking, and clean up a breeze. Simply hang the string above your cooking area without bothering others around you. Need to step out of the tent in the middle of the night? With one touch of the remote or on-string controller and you won’t have to worry about tripping on roots or walking into a spider web. The Luminoodle Basecamp adds a touch of style and flair to your RV, van, or teardrop trailer at the campground or in the woods.

Versatile and lightweight — at only 25.4 oz — the Luminoodle Basecamp is a take anywhere, use everywhere kind of lighting system designed to travel with the modern outdoor adventurer.