Most often the two worlds of cities and camping just don’t mix, but Australian company Trakka have created a camper van that effortlessly bridges the gap between the two. The new Trakkadu 450S could sit just as comfortably and proudly on a campsite as it could outside an office downtown, and with its modern features, high-end interior decor and sleek exterior this is a city-slicker’s dream van.

The last camper van to emerge from the Trakka workshop was the Trakkadu AT all-terrain Transporter, but this time the focus is being pulled out of the dirt and back onto tarmac with a van that’s designed to slip elegantly down city streets and then tear it up on the highway. This is the beginning of Trakka’s new sport range, part of their collection of premium camper vans appealing to the higher end of the market.


VW camper van from Trakka

The van features a sleek metallic paint job and custom decals.


The base van is the unmistakable Volkswagen T6, boasting a 201bhp 2L bi-turbo diesel engine under the hood, a 7-speed GSG transmission delivering an impressive 450nM of torque and all-wheel drive. It’s packed full of the latest technology and automated systems, like automatic LED headlights and daytime running lights, water-sensing automatic windscreen wipers and an auto-dimming rear view mirror. It’s got a stop/start engine, all the safety gear like adaptive cruise control, airbags, rear view camera and parking sensors, and to keep everyone amused on long drives there’s a 6.5” infotainment system with six speaker surround sound. The engine bay is sound-proofed, there’s a choice of alloy wheels in various styles and a choice of paint color, but the “Go Faster” stripes along the side are part and parcel. The van’s rear protection plate keeps the bumper scratch-free while adding a certain element of style and ferocity to its look.


Metallic paint, alloy wheels and rear bumper protection all create a slick city style.


Moving inside and away from the mustard yellow paint, the interior is a symphony in charcoal, featuring a dark, sleek and somewhat industrial decor, much like a high-end office. Or a warehouse. The insulated composite floor and roof, customizable textured heavy-duty fabric and anodized aluminum cabinetry with roller shutter doors all serve to emphasize this look, blending premium quality with hard-wearing sustainability.

The Trakkadu 450S seats four and sleeps two, but an additional roof bed with gas strut-assisted lift is offered for $1,100 extra. The lower bed is created from a multi-positional sliding rear seat which sits opposite the removable indoor/outdoor dining table. There’s a storage shelf in the roof, a removable wardrobe and flexible storage space in the boot. For the nighttime, there are heat-insulated side and rear windows, a sliding side door screen to keep out mosquitoes, and a rear door annex creates additional living space should you need it.



The compact kitchen runs along the driver’s side of the van and features a gas-less cooker, fuelled by diesel from the van’s main tank and powered by its 12V leisure battery. The dark ceramic cooktop fits right in with the van’s overall style, and uses just 0.2L of diesel an hour to run. There’s storage for food in the 78L compressor fridge/freezer and in the soft-close drawers and cabinets. The kitchen even comes with its own Corelle crockery set and secure storage system, so chuck in a few clothes and this camper is ready to hit the road after a day at the office.


A diesel-powered cooker and lithium battery are just some of the 450S’s modern features.


When you’re ready to take the Trakkadu off the road and off the grid it’s got a 55L freshwater tank to keep you topped up and 30L grey water tank with electronic dump valve. It’s also got a hot water system and rear shower, and digital monitoring of the electrical and water systems not only via the van’s built-in electric control panel, but also via a smartphone app. It’s also one of a handful of new camper vans to move away from standard lead acid batteries and into the world of lithium power, and comes with a 125Ah lithium iron phosphate battery system as standard. This is charged via a 120W flush roof-mounted solar panel, which is also capable of charging the van’s starter battery, linked up to a 15Amp 240V 5 stage lithium solar charger and a 25Amp DC2DC battery charger. The Trakkadu comes with a 12V outlet, USB charging ports, a 12V multidirectional fan, dimmable LED lighting and a 240V on-grid power system, so it’s well suited for both campsites and the outback.


The Trakkadu 450S set up with its power awning and external table.


Finally, after a long week at work, you can drive out into the wild and crack open a beer underneath the Trakkadu’s powered side roll-out awning with dimmable exterior LED lighting and relax. Trakka offers a range of premium optional extras, like European leather upholstery (add $2,600), a diesel room heater (add $2,490), an electric sliding door or a tow bar with electrics (add $1,400 each).

All in all this is a luxurious take on an established and well-loved camper van, creating a premium alternative sitting at the high end of the camper van market with a price tag of $135,000 not including any extras. This is sure to appeal to city workers who love a weekend getaway, or maybe just those who are seeking a fast, sporty and stylish camper van.


Source: Trakka