When converting a van, bus, or other vehicle to live in, there’s a lot to consider and everyone has varying priorities. Some take a completely different approach to building their camper. Uniqueness and a DIY mentality run through some peoples blood like no other.

Some of these campers are cute, some are weird, and some are just downright ridiculous. No matter how impractical some of these campers may be, you can’t help but smile (or laugh) when you see them. Building your own home on wheels is a labor of love, so if you’re going to do it, do it your way.


storm chaser alien chaser camper van

Credit: Reddit User – rapgraves

Everyone’s new favorite storm chaser.


camper van painting

Credit: Reddit User – pepperdawgy

This van has a painting of itself going on an adventure and I love it.


vw van on top of school bus

Credit: Reddit User – ISheader



motorhome camo war tank vehicle 2

Credit: Reddit User – Snooperking

Good luck telling these folks to move their rig in the middle of the night. You might just start world war 3.


camper on top of short bus

Credit: Reddit User – gadgetfix

This is the outcome when festivals tell you it’s an extra $50 per vehicle.


Credit: Reddit User – gadgetfix


weird skoolie school bus conversion

Credit: Reddit User – DonaldChimp


old school camper vehicle from 1900s

Credit: Reddit User – detroitdiesel

This is too cool. I’m not entirely sure what time period this is, but it’s sometime between the early to mid 1900s. A little fun fact for you: the first motorized campers were built in 1910.


funky vw van

Credit: Reddit User – SqBlkRndHole


huge rv

Credit: Reddit User – derekantrican

I’m guessing you’ll get about .00001 MPG on this hog. However, I don’t think this is actually someone’s camper because you can see that there’s some business looking signage on the side of camper above the stairs.


camper space ship

Credit: Reddit User – SkylarThomas

If only this was real. Or is it?


limo rv camper

Credit: Reddit User – digdilem

For those that want to feel like a rock star 24/7.


crazy cargo van

Credit: Reddit User – Z1Z1alpha

Standing room? No problem.


car camper

Credit: Reddit User – AugustWest323


camo van stack on top of each other

Credit: Reddit User – weezgang

A double-decker camo camper. A stealth camper if I’ve ever seen one. Take notes.


Motorcycle camper rv

Credit: Reddit User – kutwijf

Stay on the lookout for the new Netflix show, Campers of Anarchy.


truck cmaper old

Credit: Reddit User – Pugad


diy RV conversion

Credit: Reddit User – walkswithwolfies

A true cabin on wheels. The back porch is a nice touch!


old school mercedes conversion

Credit: Reddit User – V00DooCHILD


weird RV

Credit: Reddit User – devlinontheweb

Let’s play a game called count the windows.