Having dominated the market over the past few years with their line of high-end, high-priced coolers, Austin-based company YETI’s next logical move was to expand into the world of outdoor gear. Having successfully launched their coolers and turned them into a multi-million dollar brand with a cult-like following, YETI was eager to end this year on a high with the release of their new range of gear, including a backpack, a camp blanket and a dog bowl.

YETI’s new range of outdoor gear is durable and made to last.

The first of the new product releases that’s well worth talking about is YETI’s Tocayo 26 backpack. It’s an extremely durable, water-resistant backpack, perfectly adaptable for both the avid hiker and the keen commuter with its padded laptop sleeve, 26 liter capacity and gusseted interior pockets.

It’s made of water-repellant 1,000 denier nylon fabric with a 210D ripstop PU backing to help protect against weather and moisture, but although it is water-resistant it’s not fully watertight due to the lack of waterproof zips.

It’s constructed with what YETI have dubbed the “Roundhouse Grid” which allows the pack to stand freely whether it is full or empty, and the entire bag is covered in EVA padding. It comes in either black or tan, and its two interior pockets function as cupholders which just happen to fit YETI’s Rambler mugs perfectly. Or you could use them for storing hard drives, shoes, camera lenses… Whatever your adventure gear essentials may be.

The backpack is available exclusively online for the princely sum of $249.99, perhaps a little high for a backpack so small, but great as a day bag for those looking to ditch their vans for the day and head into the great outdoors.

Angles of the YETI Tocayo 26 backpack

This hard-wearing backpack comes in two different shades.

The next new item to be released is the Lowlands camp blanket, a durable, comfortable blanket which folds up into a tiny carry bag small enough to fit in any backpack. It’s hard-wearing and waterproof on the outside with Hydrobarrier™ waterproof backing, and warm and cozy on the inside with plush DoubleDuty™ insulated fabric. Best of all it’s made to repel dirt, burrs and pet hair so even your furry friend can snuggle up with you, and it comes with Stakeout loops on the corners, as any good camping blanket should.

Whether you’re sleeping under it against the cold or lounging around by the fire or on a beach, every van needs a good old rugged adventure blanket. Unfolded, the Lowlands camp blanket measures 55” long by 78” wide, comes in fireside red or smoke blue, and costs $199.99.

The Lowlands camp blanket with carry bag, seen here in Fireside Red.

Speaking of furry friends, YETI have decided to go one step further than just hikers, fishermen and campers, and have branched out into the market for dogs as well with their Boomer dog bowl. It’s a little like a regular dog bowl although it somewhat resembles YETI’s Rambler mug, just a little flatter and wider.

It’s made of a stainless steel double wall construction, is rust resistant and can hold 8 cups of water for your four-legged outdoor companion. At 2.5 pounds it’s lightweight and easy to carry, and its BearFoot™ non-slip bottom will prevent even the largest and most excitable of dogs from spilling its contents. Just for the owners, the Boomer dog bowl comes in a choice of DURACOAT™ colorful coatings- namely black, brick red, and sea foam.

At $49.99 it’s at least five times the price of a normal dog bowl, but it was designed specifically with outdoor adventurers in mind. It would also be ideal for van-dwellers who like to travel with their furry companions but hate mess and spills.

The YETI Boomer dog bowl

YETI’s Boomer dog bowl comes in a range of colors to suit your four-legged friend.

Finally, the last items to be released from YETI this year are their collection of Rambler stackable pint cups, and a Mag Slider lid to fit their YETI wine tumbler range. These 16oz cups are an update to their Rambler mug line, with double wall vacuum insulation to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Being stackable they save on valuable shelf and backpack space, which is vital in the tight confines of a van, and are made of hard-wearing stainless steel available in a variety of colors: sea foam, brick red, navy, black and white.

Meanwhile, the MagSafe lid is an upgrade to their standard non-magnetic lids, which makes YETI’s wine tumblers splash-proof but not leakproof- not perhaps worth spending $10 on, although the stackable pint mugs are fairly good value at $49.99 for a twin pack.

YETI 16oz stackable pint cups

YETI’s new range of stackable pint cups are ideal for saving cupboard space.

Sure, YETI’s products have always been at the high end of the scale, but with the success of their coolers, it’s clear to see there is a market for premium, quality outdoor gear, despite the hefty price tag it carries. Plus these items are essential for campers and vanlifers alike, so if you’re going to buy one why not make sure it lasts a lifetime?

Source and image credits: YETI