Just when we think we’ve seen every kind of layout possible for a two-sleeper van, German company Queensize Camper comes along with an innovative design that sleeps and feeds two people, and even finds space for a bathroom.

The Inside Two is full of clever little space-saving ideas that will change the way you think about a tiny space, changing up the typical Volkswagen T6 layout for something a little different.

Queensize Camper is offering easy-install modules for VW T5 and T6 Multivans making your camping set-up a breeze. Their kitchen/bed module is a two-in-one design which transforms the expandable kitchen area into a queen size bed for the night. This is made possible by ditching the typical rear bed layout and installing a couple of front swivel seats which support part of the bed. This removes the need for a separate lounge area and creates enough room for the bathroom and storage and the rear.

Queensize Camper Inside Two VW T6 camper van modules
Queensize Camper use a module system to make van conversions easy.

The clever kitchen unit sits perpendicular to the sliding door so that when it’s open the unit can be extended outdoors to add two thirds extra cooking space. The sink and stove are slid outdoors on ball bearing rails and then an extra piece of countertop fills in the gap that’s created in the center of the unit; the rails are hidden inside to prevent the ingress of dust or sand. The kitchen can just as easily be used in its retracted form indoors which still allows access to the coolbox and storage.

Queensize Camper Inside Two VW T6 camper van modules
The kitchen can be used in its retracted form indoors or extended outside.

The small kitchen contains a surprising amount of equipment: a 28L compressor coolbox, a water tank to feed the stainless steel sink and retractable tap, a bottle rack for wine and olive oil and a two burner ceramic stove with space for gas cartridges to live underneath. Queensize camper has also rather ingeniously added in the option to create hot water using residual heat from the cooker’s ventilation, using a heat exchanger and a circulation pump, so when you’ve finished cooking you could have instant hot water for washing up.

Queensize Camper Inside Two VW T6 camper van modules
Outdoor cooking is a breeze with an easily extendable kitchen block.

The eponymous queen size bed is created by using the kitchen unit, table and swivel seats to form a base, which is then topped with a cold foam mattress. The dining table doubles as work area, and doubles in size by attaching the countertop extension; this dual functionality no doubt is designed to appeal to the digital nomad couples out there.

Queensize Camper Inside Two VW T6 camper van modules
The queen sized bed lives between the kitchen and the front seats instead of at the rear.

Finally, at the rear of the van there is almost a meter of available space which can be used for storage, or which can be fitted with a bathroom module (sold separately). This module comprises a cassette toilet, a wooden countertop with sink, storage for magazines and even a hatchet for added rugged outdoorsiness.

Queensize Camper Inside Two VW T6 camper van modules
By moving the bed Queensize Camper has made room for a bathroom at the rear.

The Queensize Camper Inside Two kitchen/bed module is available for €7,200 ($8,000). The toilet module is sold separately although it is not yet clear how much it will cost.

What Queensize camper has managed to create is a fresh take on a frankly overdone camper van layout, offering a unique modular design at a budget price, and we’re looking forward to what they might in store for the future.

Source: Queensize Camper