About Rove

Rove is the first mobile social community dedicated to Van Life. The goal of Rove is to create a space for any and all vanlifers to connect in a dedicated forum. Rove mixes the focus on beautiful and engaging content with the ability to connect with your favorite (and new people) in a space dedicated to your lifestyle.

A Dedicated Space For Van Life Content

There’s a lot of noise out there in the world today. Major networks like Twitter & Instagram have content from every walk of life that may have nothing to do with your interests. The same is said for how your friends in the community consume your content. The benefit of using Rove is that it removes the clutter and noise that exists when people scroll through the app.

in app screenshot

Personalize Rove Using Groups

Rove gets even more personal with groups. Using groups, you can engage with other vanlifers who share the same challenges or opportunities as you. Groups on Rove are added every single day, so whether you’re looking to connect with other members of the community from the U.K. or Australia, there’s a group for you.

There are also groups that help you get to where you’re going. Learn tips and tricks in the Repair & Maintenance group or skills from other pro vanlifer’s in the Vanlife Veterans group.

Learn From The Best Of The Vanlife Community

There’s a lot of wisdom out there. Rove is filled with numerous experienced vanlifers. If you’re looking to simply start a discussion or learn & engage with some experts in the community, Rove is a good place to be. Because Rove is mobile-first, you can share and engage with folks right from your mobile device.

Share Your Favorite Content

Rove supports sharing of all kinds of content. Whether you like to upload an entire photo album, or share a video of your van build, you can use Rove to tell your story.

How To Join

Sign up for Rove in the Android or Apple App Store here.