Ever considered a life as an FBI surveillance officer while still enjoying the freedom of van life? This may be as close as you can get!

Renee McLaughlin bought a 1992 Ford E-Series van from a website for government surplus auctions, with plans on converting it into a camper van.


The van came with tons of surveillance equipment including video and audio recording capability, four cameras, TVs, solar panels, external microphones, along with heating and air conditioning that runs off the solar. Don’t worry, all of these features still work.


(Credit: Renee McLaughlin)


Her original plan was to turn it into an office space with an extra bed and use the van to tow her 87 square foot tiny home. She ran into some troubles when she contacted a mechanic to install a trailer hitch. He said he would need to move some of the microphones in the van, which she didn’t want to do. She could bring herself to tear out any of the surveillance equipment in the van.

Another big issue she ran into was the van had a Faraday cage, which is a metal enclosure that stops electronic signals from getting through. She figured this out when she went to check her emails while in the van.

The final straw was that fact that the van only got about 10 miles per gallon because of the incredibly heavy equipment inside.

The van is available on eBay with a starting bid of $12,000. She hasn’t disclosed how much she paid for the van.

If you find yourself sleeping in dangerous areas and have severe paranoia about burglars entering your van, this surveillance van may be your peace of mind.

Just don’t go spying through windows in residential neighborhoods. You could get yourself into some serious trouble.

It’s not illegal to own a surveillance van, you just need to be careful about where and when you use the technology.