The Mercedes Sprinters have come to be known as one of the most popular van choices for those who pursue van life, either full or part time. The appeal of their build is the ideal balance between sleek modernity, as well as practicality when it comes to size and accessories. The Mercedes-Benz vans have become popular for conversions, for being sold on their own, and for those pursuing various types of adventures. 

The third generation Sprinter van is beginning to be built, and the excitement with this next-generation Sprinter is the fact that it is going to be built in America. In 2015, when Mercedes-Benz announced that their next-generation Sprinter was going to be built in America, construction immediately began in North Charleston, South Carolina, to build the facility. 

Nearly $500 million of Mercedes-Benz money has gone into the facility. Not only are Americans excited to have the development of Mercedes Sprinter vans in their home country, but the process has created a surplus of jobs in the North Charleston area. Already, around 900 people are employed, and there are estimates that predict the number of jobs created by this facility are only expected to rise. 

Those employed at the Mercedes-Benz plant have their work cut out for them, though. In order to maintain its level of technological advancement, each employee is expected to learn and understand nearly 900 different process steps, in a very specific order, in order to successfully build the next-generation Sprinter. Training is accompanied by both in person, traditional training methods, as well as digital training, in order to create an employee base that is both knowledgeable and successful. 

The facility itself also keeps with Sprinter’s impressive technological innovations. Throughout the North Charleston facility, there are driverless transport systems, which work by communicating with the IT and radio-frequency identification network of the plant. Using Bluetooth, every vehicle can communicate with others, creating a seamless conglomeration of intelligent vehicles.  


Mercedes sprinter factory

(Credit: Mercedes-Benz)


The United States, being the second-largest consumer of Mercedes Sprinter vans in the world, now has the opportunity to grow a partnership with the innovative vehicle company. In fact, Amazon has already taken advantage of utilizing the Sprinter’s forward-thinking technology, creating a partnership with Mercedes-Benz to develop a “Delivery Service Partner Program.” There are 20,000 Sprinter vans, intended for small business delivery, already in motion to be delivered throughout the country. According to Mercedes, “small business owners will work with third-party fleet management companies to procure their customized vans and get special leases in order to keep their startup costs low.” 

Mercedes-Benz’s opening of a facility in America serves as beneficial to not only those employed by the facility, but also by the small businesses that have the potential to be positively impacted through Amazon’s utilization of the vehicle. They are innovative, sleek, and now American made.