If you’re in a van that’s completely off-grid with solar panels on your roof, you may be looking at something little like this and laughing. However, if you’re completely without power, something lightweight, affordable and solar-powered like the Solar Scroll from SOUL Inventions could make a big difference.

Weighing in at a scant 10.5 ounces (yep, under a pound), and about the size of a portable utensil kit, this remarkable charger fills its power bank after about four to six hours of sunlight using its unscrolling solar panel, or two to three hours plugged into an outlet. Its Kickstarter phase just wrapped up in August and they’re set to break out onto the market this month. Based on their launch page, promotions, and all the hype, it looks like a gem to have with you on road trips, hiking excursions, or traveling to remote places. Small enough to fit in an inner jacket pocket, it gives much-needed juice to your devices without taking up precious, precious space. And unlike some other solar panels that need to be unfolded, set up, and stationary for hours until they reach a full charge, the Solar Scroll can hang from your backpack and soak up some rays while you’re on the move.


solar scroll


Another great thing about the compact size is its versatility: small enough to use on the go in an urban area without being an inconvenience, you can enjoy a busy day out in the city taking photos, making calls, or even working on a freelance project without forking over money for a latte in downtown San Francisco or Guayaquil in the name of a wall outlet. One downside? Despite the four-hour charging time, it won’t bring a laptop up to full battery. However, if you’re just shooting off a few emails to let your family or best friend know you’re still alive, a partial charge isn’t a deal-breaker.

So if you’re looking for the perfect device for powering your phone, ereader, camera, or laptop, but don’t want to bog down your van or your pack, consider checking out the Solar Scroll to give you the juice you need to capture that sunset along the shore or check in with your dog sitter.

Lightweight, compact, and innovative, SOUL’s Solar Scroll seems to be the answer to many a prayer for practicality. Keep an eye out for their big release into the world! What would you charge on a Solar Scroll?

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