What screams of adventure more than driving your truck way out into the desert, the mountains or the forest and setting up camp for a few days? And doing so has become a whole lot easier in recent years with the explosion in popularity of rooftop tents. You want something that’s lightweight, portable but also easy to set up, an instant shelter that you can take off road without the permanence of a campervan or the hassle of a tent. The Go Fast Campers Platform Tent ticks all of those boxes, whilst shaving serious weight and bulk off of the traditional rooftop tent.

The platform roof tent fully expanded and ready for camping.

Go Fast Campers broke into the rooftop tent market just over a year ago when they started creating lightweight pop-up truck campers, and have been developing and improving their designs since, until they came up with this: the thinnest rooftop tent currently available on the market.

They’ve done everything they can to reduce the weight, size and added fuel consumption caused by rooftop tents, by using a welded construction and high-quality materials for the canopy and mattress. The entire tent weighs just 135 pounds, and measures a meager 6” thick, significantly thinner than others available on the market.

The platform tent adds just 7 inches of height to the vehicle.

All of the materials used in the construction are 100% USA made. The floor and roof are created from a honeycomb composite material which is both lightweight and strong owing to its structure. In the roof is a translucent panel which creates an ambient glow from any surrounding light source, and also helps to minimise heat retention inside the tent.

The tent’s frame features a welded construction to reduce even more weight, and the latches and hinges are made of CNC-machined and anodised components. This means that as well as looking good they are also extremely durable, and the anodizing can be custom coloured to match your vehicle.

The tent’s framework is made of high-quality materials and welded for strength.

The canopy is crafted from high-quality waterproof fabric, with no stitches or seams that could potentially allow in water. The tent features huge mesh windows which allow the sleeper both good ventilation and great views all around. Inside, the mattress is made of 2” multi-density foam wrapped in Cordura fabric, and measures a comfortable 50” x 90”, as well as being available in a variety of different density foam options. It’s clear to see that this is a tent designed by seasoned campers, who’ve really thought about every little detail that could affect a camping trip.

Inside the rooftop tent- surprisingly spacious.

The rooftop tent comes with a lightweight collapsible ladder to allow access to the rear and side tent doors, and is designed to be easily stowable too.

The tent’s mounts are compatible with the mounting points and racks on many common vehicles, and can even be attached to round crossbars. Extrusions on the sides of the tent also have T-shaped slots to allow mounting options for many different tools and awnings you might wish to take with you on an adventure.

Currently the only option is a side door, but soon to be added to the list of available options with the Platform Tent is an additional rack system capable of carrying 75 pounds of gear on top of the tent (think bikes and kayaks), and handily the gear does not need to be removed before the tent is used. It is also expected to come with several electrical options, such as dimmable lighting and USB charging ports. An XL version is also set for production, which will add an extra 4” of sleeping width.

The Go Fast Campers Platform Tent as seen from the side.

The Go Fast Campers Platform Tent is currently available for the base price of $3,275, and will surely appeal to the fast-growing market of overlanding adventurers for its high-quality materials and lightweight versatility.

Source: Go Fast Campers