These days it’s becoming ever more impressive the amount of living features that can be packed into the tiny space of a camper van, and German company Karmann is no exception to this. While most conversion companies would opt for something around the size of a Sprinter or a Ducato for a family van, Karmann has gone one smaller, creating their latest fourth berth camper out of a Fiat Talento, using clever space optimisation techniques and even managing to squeeze in a toilet and indoor / outdoor shower.

One of the main benefits of creating a camper van with a smaller footprint is the fuel economy; unlike bigger vans the Fiat Talento boasts a 1.6L DCI engine, delivering 120bhp and an impressive 43.5mpg. It sits somewhere between a compact and a large van at 5.39m long, is available in a variety of different paint colours, and this Karmann manages to cram two double beds, a kitchenette, fixed seating area and a wet room.

The Danny 530 completely rearranges the typical camper van layout.


Karmann has torn up the rule book when it comes to camper vans, reshuffling the classic layout to create that all-important additional kitchen and bathroom space.

At the front of the van is a large seating area made up of two bench seats and a table, roomy enough for a family to spend an evening around, and because Karmann has ditched the typical swivel seats this allows a double bed to be created from the bench seats and over the dining area. By doing so this frees up space in the rear, where you will find the kitchen cabinets and wet-room which can be accessed from both inside and out of the vehicle. A lift up bed sits under the pop top roof which lifts to the rear, where you can sleep two additional people.

The Danny 530’s full size main double bed.


The aforementioned wet room contains everything you’d need; a cassette toilet, stainless steel sink and a tap which doubles as a pull-out shower head. The only thing missing is a bit of privacy; while the pop top roof pushes the standing height up to 1.8m (5.9ft), the surrounding walls don’t quite reach that far up, so your head might stick out a bit. The shower is fed by a 68L freshwater tank and collects in a 59L insulated waste water tank.

The compact wet-room can be accessed from inside and out.


A long, slim L-shaped kitchenette stretches along one side of the Danny 530, wrapping around at the rear to provide extra cabinet storage and a workspace with a view. The kitchenette contains a dual burner stove fed by a 6kg gas bottle, a stainless steel sink powered by a pressurised water pump, and a 41L compressor fridge, plus extra drawers and storage; all in all a surprisingly large kitchen for such a small van thanks to its layout.

The wraparound kitchen design creates that much-needed extra cooking space.


The Danny 530 is powered by one 75Ah leisure battery which allows you to charge phones and laptops in any one of the 12V and 230V charging ports. A diesel heater provides warmth, and the heat is kept in on cold nights using thermal curtains at the front and rear.

Karmann offers a variety of optional extras and different packages to suit the needs of any traveller, whether you’re planning on visiting the Arctic or you just want a better media system or additional safety features. The Danny 530 starts at €44,990 ($51,280), a tad less than its bigger brothers the Dexter and the Davis, but packing so many features into such a compact, economical van.


Source: Karmann Mobil