Within the past few years, the concept of “van life” has flipped upside down, growing from the stereotype of homeless and purposeless “down by the river” living, to a lifestyle sought after and appreciated by many. The appeal of freedom, time spent outdoors, and a minimalistic lifestyle are no doubt attractive concepts. Traveling and living in the same vehicle has grown enough in attraction to become a vacation, becoming a way in which individuals can sample the lifestyle without diving all in.

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Cue Truck Surf Hotel. Eduardo Ribeiro and Daniela Carneiro are a Portuguese couple challenging the status quo of the traditional vacation, and bringing a sample of van life to a wide variety of individuals. Truck Surf Hotel is a motorhome that exceeds the space utilization of most camper vans and motorhomes. The motorhome can sleep up to 10 individuals, and is equipped with air-conditioned bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and outdoor patio. A converted Mercedes Actros, the “hotel on wheels” has expandable walls and ceiling, allowing it to drive normally from destination to destination, and then simultaneously expand to comfortably fit everyone present at the end of the day.

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The Truck Surf Hotel operates adventure vacations, with options ranging from surf trips in Portugal and Morocco, to “adventure trips” in the same countries, which involve trekking along coasts and riding camels through beaches. There even exists the option to create a custom vacation for groups sized nine to ten. These adventures can include everything from kite surfing to yoga to team building retreats to snowboarding, and anything in between.

Trips can range from one to two weeks, and if traveling in a group, can be customized to accommodate various interests. Either way, the start of each week finds the group and leaders briefing together in order to collaborate on the plan for the week. Children are also welcome, opening up the Truck Surf Hotel to the possibility of family vacation.

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Depending on the trip, the motorhome travels to various locations, where camp is set up and the day becomes open to adventure, whatever it may look like. Throughout the day, guests are welcome to go back and forth between the truck and ocean, and at the end of the day, everyone gathers for beers, dinner, and talk of the day’s adventures.

One of the most unique concepts of the Truck Surf Hotel is the bringing together of strangers during a vacation. Through encouraging single bookings and shared space, one of the most essential concepts of nomadic living, the rapid development from strangers into friends, becomes a centerpiece of the trip. By challenging the idea of the modern vacation, Truck Surf Hotel is expanding the concept of van life to something that can be experienced by many.

For one week trips in Portugal, prices range from $810 per person to $930, depending on what season, room type (private or shared), and type of vacation chosen. The adventure experience is reserved for groups only, and ranges from $5,800 to $6,300 for the entire group. The prices for Morocco trips range from $580 to $730, and group prices around $4,660, again depending on the room type and vacation experience.

Source: Truck Surf Hotel