German van conversion company Discarvery has taken van conversions to a whole new level with a one of a kind, custom-built camper designed specifically for festivals. Tempted? Read on to find out exactly what goes into a festival van.

The festival camper with its rooftop deck, slide-out kitchen and disco ball.


When the average customer wanders into a van conversion shop the last campervan essentials they have in their mind would be a disco ball and a keg tap, but Discarvery being seasoned festival-goers wanted to create something unique and tailored to the needs of festival campers. They wanted to create a homage to their favourite festival, the Open Flair Festival which takes place every year in Eschwege, Germany and is attended by over 20,000 people, pouring hundreds of hours of work into creating the ultimate pre-party machine and crash pad.

Starting with the basics, they took a VW T6 estate with 5 seats and a 2.0L TDI engine and added in some thermal insulation, an EVO6 rock n roll style bed and a dining table with swivel seats for up to 4 people. To this, they added all your live-in camper van essentials, such as a 230V electrical system powered by two AGM batteries, a solar charge controller and booster, LED lighting, a 27L fresh water tank and a waste water tank with level indicator. Not only this, but they threw in a Waeco compressor fridge and a couple of battery and water level indicators in the cab too.

The VW’s comfortable after-party interior.


Now this is as far as one of their standard camper van conversions would go before being placed on the market, but Discarvery then took things to a whole new level, inventing a solution to every thinkable festival scenario.

No more getting stuck in the mud after a weekend of dancing in the rain, nope- they lifted the van’s ride height by an extra 30mm (1.2”) and added some meaty all terrain tires for digging yourself out of any boggy field on a Monday morning.

They added a whole host of pre-party features, transforming the van’s tailgate into a self-contained mini party with a Jehnert 3-way sound system, a Canton outdoor speaker, a 5L beer keg dispenser and if that wasn’t enough to get the party going they’ve thrown in a disco ball and a flag holder as well. As if there wasn’t enough going on in the back, they’ve also incorporated a slide-out kitchen with 12L fresh and waste water tanks and a hand shower.

Not a bad view from the bamboo rooftop deck.


Moving upstairs they’ve created a roof top deck out of Frontrunner roof racks and bamboo flooring, for sitting topside, soaking in the view and enjoying a freshly dispensed beer from the keg.

Discarvery have thought of everything from sound systems to security, and with the van’s built-in GPS tracking and Bear Lock gear stick lock you can go away and party safe in the knowledge that your camper van will still be there when you return long after sunrise.

Everything you need for a wild weekender.


As this is a one-off custom built camper van it’s not currently available for purchase, but no doubt this festival-lover’s dream van will have many party animals drooling, and hopefully the Open Flair edition camper van will make an appearance at many more festivals to come.