Advancements in technology have made the ease of communication and off-grid living an obtainable lifestyle for many families and individuals. As the tiny home and van life movement continues to grow and evolve all over the world, we are seeing unique minimalistic lifestyle differences.

We surveyed 725 van lifers from all over the world ranging from part-time road trip warriors to full-time off-the-grid digital nomads. In doing so, we found some interesting statistics that should help us all better understand the van life community.

We asked numerous questions about van lifer’s costs and spending habits, the conversion process, travel behavior, geography, along with some general lifestyle questions.

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General Stats


What country do you primarily live in?

What state do you primarily live in?

Travel Behavior

The Conversion

Travel Spending

Additional Stats

Only 13% of Europeans primarily shower at the gym, compared to 28% of all van lifers.

20% of Australians travel with pets, compared to 40% of all van lifers.

39% of Australians primarily shower at the beach, compared to only 4% of all van lifers.

For van lifers who had their van professionally outfitted, it cost over $40,000 for 21% of them, compared to only 3% for those who converted their van themselves.