How to Live in a Van & Build a DIY Camper Van


Converting &
Living in a Van

How do you live in a van? Living in a van, or the “Van Life,” may be the lifestyle you’ve been searching for. In this guide, we explain exactly how you can convert a van and live out of your van in a safe, sustainable, fun, and affordable way.  While creating our guide, we combined our own experience along with interviewing over 20 van lifers and van conversion companies to get a diverse set of opinions and the most accurate, informative information possible. There is no single way to convert your van and live the van life, which is why we wanted to create a guide comprised of varying points of view: to give you the out-of-the-box mentality needed to live a life outside the norm.

Van living can be the most exciting and freeing experience, but can be a scary wake-up call if you’re unprepared. Whether you’re a van life veteran or just getting started, we think you can learn something from our guide and make your life a little more adVANturous!

The Van Life

How to Live in a Van

Van life is much more than just living in a van. It represents a way for people to find true happiness and fulfillment by stripping away material objects other than the necessities. It’s a way to seek new experiences and adventures, embrace discomfort, challenge the norm, and slow down life by combating routine. Van Life isn’t for everybody, but for you, it may be the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Start with Chapter One of our guide to read the pros and cons of van life and what you can do to prepare for life on the road.

Introduction: How to live in a van
Van Living Cooking Food and Water
Van heating and cooling thermometer
Sleeping and Safety van life
Hygiene - showering bathing
van living Working jobs and Money
pets and kids
best van to get
Packing list van life essentials

The Van Conversion

How to Build a DIY Camper Van

The DIY camper van conversion process is time-consuming but incredibly exciting. You get the chance to build your dream home and customize it to your unique style. You will need to learn a few basics before beginning, but extensive carpentry experience is not required. In the DIY van conversion portion of our van living guide, we provide you with step-by-step instructions, plus the tools and materials needed to successfully convert your van into a camper van, whether it be a cargo van conversion, a hippie style van such as a VW, or a sprinter van conversion.

A van conversion can range in price anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You can build your van to look like a luxurious RV motorhome or something completely bare bones. There is no single way to convert a van, which is why we highlight numerous options and ideas to best suit your budget and taste.

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wood van flooring
camper van bed
camper van kitchen
camper van storage
solar and electrical
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