What could be better than a new Westfalia camper van conversion? How about three Westfalia camper van conversions, all with expansion capabilities and based on a Mercedes Sprinter van?

The trio of James Cook vans was unveiled at this month’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, all with similar layouts and features but with the key differences being roof height, sleeping capacity and off-road capabilities.

Westflia James Cook Camper Side
One of the three James Cook models to be announced this year.

Westfalia is usually known and loved for their Volkswagen camper vans, but this year they’ve decided to switch it up and do things a little differently. All three conversions are based on the same 592cm (233”) wheelbase 3.5T (7,700lb) Sprinter van, with a 141bhp 2.2L CDI engine, however the roof height and style varies between them.

Their Pitch Roof camper bears more similarity to flagship Westfalia conversions, while the High Roof has been expanded to sleep two extra people, and the Classic is a standard height but sleeps only two.

Westfalia James Cook expandable off road camper van conversions
The James Cook Classic model as featured at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.

All of the James Cook models share a similar layout, with a central kitchen unit featuring a dual burner stove, sink and 90L fridge and a four seater dining area which is admittedly a little extra in the two sleeper model and takes up unnecessary space.

A slide out extension at the rear of each van can be deployed in just 40 seconds creating a full size double bed; the Pitch Roof model sleeps two extra people within the pop top roof, while the High Roof model fits a double bed in above the cab in the van’s distinctive quiff.

Westfalia James Cook expandable off road camper van conversions
The double bed is created by extending the rear of the van.

In each of the James Cooks is included a 100L fresh water tank, a 78L waste water tank, a 95Ah AGM leisure battery and a water boiler which also provides heating. There is also an MBAC smart home control which Westfalia developed in partnership with Mercedes Benz. This allows the various electrical components of the camper such as heating, music and light to be controlled remotely via one of three screens; a control panel in the living area, the infotainment system in the cab or by a mobile phone.

Westfalia James Cook expandable off road camper van conversions
The layout is shared between all three James Cook models.

What sets the James Cook Classic apart from the others is the option to add a beefy off-road package- for an extra charge of course.

To add all-wheel drive capabilities you’ll be looking at an additional €11,185 ($12,228), and for off-road accessories an extra €4,850 ($5,302), but for that money you’ll get 18” off-road rims with BF Goodrich all terrain tires, dual auxiliary lights and a bull bar.

Westfalia James Cook expandable off road camper van conversions
The James Cook Classic displayed with all the off-road accessories at the Caravan Salon.

There’s also a nifty Sawiko bike carrier for the rear of the van which is designed to swivel out of the way when you want to expand the back out; this was displayed at the Caravan Salon with mountain bikes attached, and will cost an additional €2,290 ($2,504), however this option is available on all of the James Cook models.

Westfalia James Cook Camper Conversio
Whatever the roof size, the James Cook camper is ready for adventure.

Prices begin at James €74,900 ($82,650) for the James Cook Classic and rise to €81,900 ($90,375) for the High Roof, with the Pitch Roof sitting in the mid price range at €79,900 ($88,175). That cost can quickly rack up when adding on the optional extras, however Westfalia has really set the benchmark for tech and innovative design for the next year of van conversions to come, and we’ll surely see an increase in companies creating their own built-in control systems and perhaps even more exciting developments in expandable camper van design.

Source and image credits: Westfalia