Ever wondered how the other half lives? Those who can afford to pay more for a camper van than most could hope to pay for a house? Forget everything you know about van conversions; you won’t find any DIY kitchens or porta potties in a Klassen Luxury Sprinter van.

The Klassen Luxury Sprinter First Class Executive has been dubbed “the most expensive Sprinter van in the world”, designed for millionaires, business executives and government officials to have a comfortable, luxurious transport between meetings. It comes in two base styles – the Mobile Office, which is essentially a luxury people carrier, and the Transfer, which comes complete with a bed, drinks bar, and in-house entertainment, everything needed to keep you entertained on those long chauffeured drives. Klassen focusses on every last detail, and the interior of their vans is reminiscent of a superyacht, or a private jet perhaps: wall to wall luxury.

As a base van, Klassen takes a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI with 190bhp, and then turns it on its head and adds more bling to it than Lil Wayne’s grill. There’s even an option for an armored exterior to whet your appetite, at an additional cost of course.

The model featured on their website appears to have been made for a pro Ghanian footballer, somewhat garishly decorated with gold, purple leather, and Ghana flag blinds, so the interiors are totally customizable. But what does something the price of three mortgages get you?


How many TVs is too many TVs?


The seating area, adorned with leather, crushed velvet, and polished wood, is comprised of a gilded armchair and quilted corner sofa, to sit comfortably while you watch one of the van’s three flatscreen LCD TVs. And who can enjoy a movie without a fine whiskey or wine to sip on, from the van’s curved polished wood bar complete with monogrammed crystal glasses and a wine decanter, all lit up by LEDs. If you don’t fancy watching TV you could have a go on the van’s built-in Playstation or tablet instead, or just browse your phone or laptop while charging it from one of the USB and 240V charging ports. It’s even got three LED-lit wine bottle holders, a safe and a mini-fridge, all cleverly concealed within the units. We dread to think what would happen to all those glasses during a crash, though…


Fancy a drink? Wine? Coffee?


This Sprinter’s not all fun and luxury though – it has a serious business side as well. Need to print out some important documents before a meeting? No problem. Just slide out one of the sofa unit’s drawers to reveal a handy printer. Slide out one of the other drawers and you’ll find a coffee machine with espresso cups and saucers, conveniently located next to a stack of spare printer paper. There’s even a fold-out desk, and did we mention everything is voice activated too? You can simply sit and say “open the table” or “close the blinds” and the van takes care of the rest.


One drawer contains a printer, the other a coffee machine and printer paper.


And what if you suddenly realize you need to change your suit when you arrive at your destination? Klassen’s got you covered too; within the Sprinter’s pod-style rear doors is an entire businessman’s wardrobe at your disposal: hanging storage, a tie rack, space for a suitcase and drawers tailor-fitted to hold your favourite selection of aftershaves.


An entire wardrobe ready when you need it. But where to get changed…?


Long drive? Tired after a meeting? Just hop into the double bedroom at the rear of the van and close the mirrored wall divider to create a mini luxury hotel, with gilded bed head, mood lighting and a lightbox ceiling. The one in the photos is decorated with some sort of football motif, but if that’s not to your taste than the lightbox in the living area has a much more tasteful Oriental design.


The luxurious double bedroom is more reminiscent of a five-star hotel than a van.


There seems to be no end of luxurious features Klassen can cram into a van, and if money is no object then you can let your interior design dreams run wild. But in the real world, how much would one of these set you back?

Make sure you’re sitting down for this one, because the Klassen Luxury Sprinter First Class Executive armoured edition will make a whopping £470,000 ($619,500) sized hole in your wallet. Still tempted?

The Klassen range of vans is certainly ostentatious, screams of luxury and wealth, and is neither practical nor suitable for a full-time van dweller. But still it has some very clever uses of space, and it’s nice to dream and get some ideas, right?