Outdoor gear companies are beginning to redefine what a camping trailer can do. There’s the Vauna, the towable van sauna, and then there’s this futuristic trailer collaboration by The North Face and BMW.

But North Carolinian company SylvanSport really have managed to do it all in their latest camping trailer, the VAST, which offers as many sleeping and living facilities as a full-size four berth caravan. SylvanSport has managed to squeeze two queen-sized beds, an expandable bathroom and an indoor/outdoor kitchen into this 87 square foot trailer, with a clever modular design that even allows for gear hauling.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer
The VAST camping trailer is instantly recognisable as a SylvanSport creation.

The VAST is SylvanSport’s first hard-sided camping trailer, revealed at this month’s RVX show, an incredibly clever and versatile piece of kit that allows you to shift and slide the components inside to create the most functional living space for your needs.

The kitchen unit can be slid and lowered on 45º angled sliders for use indoors or out, and in doing so this creates an added bathroom area for a shower. The entire L-shaped lounge area can also be slid forward on a precision track system to create interior cargo space while retaining a functional seating area.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer
The VAST trailer features of of the most innovative designs we’ve seen this year.

Although its bright green paint color bears resemblance to their previous camping trailers, SylvanSport’s VAST is nothing like its predecessors. A proprietary extruded aluminum frame supports the outer shell which is created using custom composite skin, which in turn is laminated onto an insulated wall structure. This makes the trailer both lightweight and strong, with double capped corners for added style and a waterproof finish. The VAST weighs just 2,500lbs and is capable of carrying up to 500lbs.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer
Showcasing the multiple gear-hauling solutions this trailer provides.

One of the clever design elements of this trailer is the secure side-mounted gear storage rack system, capable of hauling kayaks, canoes, SUPs or even boats. Bikes can be stored inside the trailer for security, while an exterior lockable gear storage pod slides forward to reveal protected storage for two propane tanks, two leisure batteries and a spare tire.

A fiberglass tailgate with built-in screen and sunshade opens for ease of loading, or to create an open-sided living area which invites the outdoors in.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer

At the rear of the VAST trailer sits a modular lounge and sleeping area with two queen-sized beds, one which is stowed away in the roof and can be lowered down via an electric winch, the other which is assembled from the lounge’s table and cushions by sliding the seat forward.

This entire unit slides out of the way to allow for loading of cargo, and a side window hatch opens up to allow the dining table to be extended outside to create a bar, just one of the many ways in which SylvanSport have designed this trailer to push you into the great outdoors.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer
The trailer’s lounge area can be configured in many different ways.

This theme continues in the “all season” kitchen, which contains a two burner gas stove, a portable Dometic fridge/freezer, a small stainless steel sink which is integrated into the stylish bamboo countertop and a modular storage system providing space for food and utensils.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer
The “all season” kitchen is a totally unique concept, using 45º angled sliders.

Once the kitchen has been slid out of the trailer, the bathroom’s shower unit is revealed. In this surprisingly spacious bathroom, you’ll find a residential sized shower/spa fed by a Truma-Combi on-demand hot water heater, a portable toilet, and another clever space-saving idea: a foldaway sink, which blends seamlessly with the wall.

SylvanSport's VAST camping trailer
The bathroom as seen from inside the trailer. The shower appears when the kitchen unit is slid outdoors.

After wowing crowds at the RVX show the pre-orders for the VAST camping trailer are piling up fast with an estimated retail base price of around $49,000. It’s clear to see that SylvanSport has hit the market with a versatile, modular trailer that’s going to be tough to beat.

Source: SylvanSport