When French company BeauEr announced their concept for a camping trailer that could expand to three times its size back in 2012 most people expected it to be consigned to the history books along with dozens of other concepts that ended up being too good to be true.

However not only did BeauEr make good on their promise, they’ve also been busy working on a two-room couple-sized trailer that expands to twice its size- the aptly named 2X.

BeauEr 2x expanding two person camping trailer
The 2X rides tiny on the roads then expands to double its size at camp.

The expansion system is simple yet genius, featuring a telescopic module that stretches from the center module like two semicircular cans inside each other, one slightly smaller than the other. The entire unit expands in less than 60 seconds at the touch of a button, powered by 12V cylinders that can run on either 230V or battery power.

This expansion increases the living space from 4m² up to 8m² (43ft² to 86ft²), and the furniture within is automatically positioned. 

BeauEr 2x expanding two person camping trailer
A diagram displaying the trailer’s expansion system.

The entire trailer weighs just 800kg (1,763lbs) and measures 3.5m long and 1.85m wide (11.5ft x 5.9ft), putting it into the same category of lightweight teardrop trailers as the Earth Traveler T250LX and SportsRig’s TrailerStomper

BeauEr offers a customizable exterior strip as well as options on the furniture and flooring color, and an internal compartment to store gas.

BeauEr 2x expanding two person camping trailer
One of the other exterior styling options from BeauEr in cheery red.

Inside, the 2X features a two room layout comprised of a bedroom/living area and a kitchen. A sofa bed dominates one side of the space, while an L-shaped kitchen hugs the walls of the other. The cupboard units and light walls create a colorful and modern space which contains everything two people might need to cook; a 65L fridge, two-burner gas stove, an oven with grill features, a sink as well as hanging storage and plenty of workspace. 

The 2X rides tiny on the roads then expands to double its size at camp.
The 2X’s kitchen enhances a bright and airy aesthetic with colorful cupboards.

Behind a matching blue compartment with a concertina door in the living area BeauEr even manages to find space for a bathroom. The 2X comes with just a cassette toilet as standard but with the addition of a shower and hot water heater to accompany the trailer’s 19L fresh water tank and pump you could have a fully functional bathroom.

BeauEr 2x expanding two person camping trailer
The 2X’s sofa doubles as a bed, and the bathroom compartment lives behind the door on the left.

Other available options include air conditioning, heating, a dry toilet, solar panel, a TV and an auxiliary battery. For the more outdoorsy types BeauEr also offers a bike rack, awning, an extra trunk and a mosquito net-covered opening bay. 

BeauEr is retailing the futuristic 2X trailer for the starting price of €19,083 ($21,325), and the Nantes-based company is soon to begin wide-scale distribution in the UK. They have also been working on an even larger trailer, the 3X plus, although there’s no sign yet of whether their clever trailers will also be exported to the US market.

For now though BeauEr has their sights set on dominating the European market with their innovative expandable trailers which are sure to set a new standard for camping across the continent.

Source: BeauEr