Ever had a hard time deciding between a 4×4 SUV and a camper van? You want those off-road capabilities but with all the living facilities too. Ququq (pronounced like “Cuckoo”), a German company, has just the solution. They’ve created a portable SUV camper conversion kit which slides easily into a 4×4 and unfolds to provide a full kitchen and bed with no installation required.

The Ququq Flat Box, set up and ready to use.


For all those off-road weekend adventures where sleeping in a tent is not so appealing and you want a quick, easy meal after a long day of exploring, the Ququq Flat Box is the perfect accompaniment to any trip. Ququq already made kits for the Toyota Proace Verso, VW Transporter and Land Rover Defender among many others, but now they’ve created an all-in-one camping kit for the much loved and iconic Toyota Land Cruiser. The Flatbox conversion kit simply slides into the back of the Land Cruiser and unfolds to create a comfortable bed and kitchen.

The mattress is made up of three pieces of high quality 10cm thick cold foam and folds out over the back seats of the Land Cruiser using an aluminum framework, and is supported by adjustable loops which tie onto the car’s safety handles. The mattress measures a comfortable 110cm x 195cm (43” x 77”), and folds up on top of the Flat Box when not in use. Because of its clearance above the car floorthe bed is very versatile, and can be used whether the back seats are in or out, and even if you have a car full of luggage too.

The Flat Box’s comfortable foam bed, secured inside the car.


When you’re parked up for the evening and you want to cook, the kitchen is pulled out from a drawer on telescopic aluminum rails capable of supporting 45kg of weight, for use outside the car. On one side the 2 ring gas burner is protected by a foldable aluminum windshield, on the other two 10L jerry cans provide water for washing in the two stainless steel bowls provided. In the center of the unit, a cubby hole provides storage for food or utensils, and the kitchen even has a small fold-down worktop for food preparation.

The cleverly designed kitchen even has a removable gas stove.


The box itself is also capable of withstanding whatever adventures you may throw at it, being made from waterproof plywood coated in phenolic resin, with tough aluminum profiles and steel hinges and handles. It weighs in at 63kg (139lb) which means it can be lifted into the vehicle by two people, and fits snugly in the rear of any 5 seater Toyota Land Cruiser 150. It’s ideal for the weekend adventurer if you just want something you can chuck in your car and go, and Ququq claims it takes just one minute to install, and that the bed can even be set up one-handed.

The Ququq Flat Box folds up to almost nothing.


With prices starting at €2,290 ($2,675) it’s perhaps a little more expensive than some van conversions, but for the spontaneous, adventurous kind of traveler it gives the freedom to just pick up and go at a moment’s notice with no need to pack or plan, the way off-road adventures should be done.