Camping trailers seem to be set on course to become 2019’s biggest outdoor trend, and why not? They’re compact, they’re durable, and they contain everything you need for a week in the wild without the need to have your entire home dragging behind you as you go.

An excellent example of this is the Trail Head trailer from Orgeon-based company Three Feathers Manufacturing, spearheaded by long-term outdoor enthusiast Mel Sandland. This little trailer is perfectly equipped to withstand whatever challenges nature might try to throw at you, including a full electrical system, bed and kitchen, and perhaps the trailer’s most unique selling point- a Stihl chainsaw.

Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head off road camping trailer
The Trail Head trailer lets you go anywhere on or off the road and set up camp.

Although it may not look up to much from the outside, the Trail Head trailer is an all-in-one gear-hauling, trail-tackling, off-roading machine, constructed from a lightweight aluminum skin sitting on a 3500lbs single axle with durable off-road tires at either end wrapped around aluminum rims.

The trailer weighs in at a modest 1050lbs (476kg), sitting at 87” high, 83.5” wide and 15′ long- that’s enough to provide a more than comfortable sleeping area of 6’4”, with an interior height of 3’9”. The walls and ceiling are fully insulated, with the flooring constructed of ¾” thick plywood covered in linoleum. For those balmy nights under the stars it comes with screen entry doors, each lit by its own porch light, and a roof vent fan for ventilation.

Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head off road camping trailer
A look at the Trail Head’s aluminium construction and large front storage basket.

The Trail Head is overflowing with gear storage options, from a large storage area in the front to overhead wooden cabinets inside and a large single door at the rear leading to even more storage with lights and outlets. A large shelf makes up the rear kitchen, which is equipped with a 27 gallon water tank.

Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head off road camping trailer
The Trail Head’s compact kitchen and just a small selection of its storage areas.

The bed is a simple yet comfortable 3” thick high density foam mattress, and the Trail Head is fully wired up for a weekend off the grid with LED tail lights, two 110V GFI outlets, 12V outlets and 12V battery capabilities.

From this basic trailer set up Three Feathers Manufacturing encourage you to choose from a whole range of optional extras to upgrade your trailer and make it work for you. The obvious addition would be a roof top tent equipped to a full size roof rack on top of the trailer, increasing this trailer’s sleeping capacity to up to five people, and there’s also a choice of two different awnings to increase your outdoor space.

Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head off road camping trailer
The Trail head shown here with roof top tent mounted and outdoor gear attached.

For extra warmth at night, you can choose from a portable 110V furnace, a portable propane heater or stove as well as an LPG tank to fuel these, or simply some carpeted flooring or Fylon walls to keep the heat inside.

Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head off road camping trailer
The Trail Head’s cosy wooden interior is warm and big enough to sleep in.

You can have hot water on demand, a large cooler for food and beers or a Coleman battery-powered lantern for lighting up your night, however the Stihl chainsaw isn’t optional, and would be a great addition for the more intrepid explorer who might need to saw his way through fallen trees, or just chop up some firewood for the evening. However, the rear jacks, rubber roof and spare tire with rear carrier would be a few practical options to add in, because you never know what the trail might throw at you along the way.

Three Feathers Manufacturing Trail Head off road camping trailer
Including a chainsaw in the package is a unique selling point that leaves no doubts what this trailer was built for.

Three Feathers Manufacturing haven’t disclosed any prices for their trailers as each one is hand built and custom made on request. However, it’s sure to be less than the cost of a camper van or a 4×4, making it a great accessory to your off-road adventures.

Source and image credits: Three Feathers Manufacturing